Earnest Diaz

Known as the most diverse designer of our times.
In watching his mother sew clothing for him as a child, Earnest began sewing at the age of 5. He followed his heart and began designing at
 the age of 12.
Earnest's design creativity has guided him in too many different directions. Earnest has worked with a host of private clientele. From the who's who of celebrities, to major corporations. His creations bring to life ideas to help further their venture.

Earnest's design 
repertoire consists of:
Business attire, wedding gowns, tuxedos, evening wear, casual wear, and western wear.

Collections designed:
Handbags, men's underwear, outdoor survival gear, and a men's Avant-garde collection. Including underwater gear for divers, and surveillance gear.

Entertainment designs consist of:

Costumes, Magician's costumes, clothing for Commercials, Stage, Television, and the Silver Screen.

Earnest welcomed the opportunity by a dear friend
B. Waskow Esq. to design for the International Mars Society. To date, Earnest is the only fashion designer in history to design a full collection for life on Mars. Designs where displayed At Mars Society's 5th Annual Convention
Boulder, Colorado. 8-10-2002
Designs consisted of:
Daywear, nightwear, business wear, evening wear, kids wear. Along with Mars Suits for the family pets.

In 2005
Eanrest was inspired by a private client to create a full collection of Men's underwear. Sk'n "The Uninhabited Pleasure" expanded to include E-Lounge wear. Shortly thereafter Earnest teamed up with a local artist KM to create Sk'n. (The Uninhabited Pleasure Remix)

Earnest received an invitation to design for Jonathan Sandys, Winston Churchill's great-grandson. Mr. Sandys wore one of the designs to the royal wedding of 2010.

Shortly thereafter Earnest became a brand designer. Opening his creativity to a reality show couple and
 an internationally known artist.

Earnest allowed his creativity to open the doors of music and writing. To date, the designer has two top 10 dance hits which he wrote and Co-Produced for 2 artists.

Earnest's first book "Thankful" is the winner of the prestigious International Publisher Award for

Best Inspirational Book of 2016. 

Many more fantastic projects and products are soon to see the light from...

Earnest Diaz Collect

Earnest Diaz